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on Tue May 08, 2018 8:05 pm

1. After one week of not roleplaying, a leader will be known as very sick / injured. The deputy will take on all of the leader's roles.
2. After two weeks of inactivity without an announcement, your cat is now dead to the clan. The deputy becomes leader.

1. After a deputy is away for too long a tome (however the leader judges), your leader is free to pick a new deputy if they choose.
2. If both leader and deputy are inactive, staff will pick a senior warrior to serve as deputy for the current time.

Medicine Cat / Medicine Cat apprentice
1. If a medicine cat or their apprentice goes inactive for one month, then their position is open and their cat is said to have disappeared or died.
2. If a medicine cats fails to meet the duties of their role, they will be demoted from their rank.

(some of this section copy + pasted from WCC.)
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