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Moving up the ranks Empty Moving up the ranks

on Tue May 08, 2018 8:07 pm

The longer you've been on the site, and how long you've been active, the higher the rank you earn. You start as a kit and make your way up the ranks, depending on which path you choose. Depending on what rank you are, your health and stamina differ as well.

-Rank: HP/SP-
Kit: 5/15
Apprentice: 20/80
Newly Appointed Warrior: 40/120
Young Warrior: 45/160
Warrior: 60/200
Experienced Warrior: 80/240
Senior Warrior: 100/280

-Special Rank: HP/SP-
Medicine Cat Apprentice: 35/90
Newly-Named Medicine Cat: 45/100
Medicine Cat: 45/120
Experienced Medicine Cat: 45/150
Senior Medicine Cat: 45/200
Deputy: 100/280
Leader: 120/300
Queen: 60/100
Elder: 80/100

-Non-Clan Rank: HP/SP-
Kittypet: 20/60
Default Rogue*: 45/140
Skilled Rogue*: 55/170
Experienced Rogue*: 75/200

-Non-Cat Rank: HP/SP-
Fox: 90/280
Badger: 120/320
Dog: 150/350
Raccoon: 30/300
Eagle: 60/200
Owl: 50/120

These are the times on how long it takes to earn a new rank. After you earn a new rank, you have to wait the posted amount more until the new rank is earned.

Put your rank in the Clan/Rank section of your profile or your signature so everybody can see it and know your health/stamina.

Rank -> Next Rank; Requirements-
Clan Cats
Kit -> Apprentice; 1 week active since creation approval + rank requirements
Apprentice -> Newly Appointed Warrior; 1 month active since apprentice ceremony + rank requirements
Newly Appointed Warrior -> Young Warrior; 2 weeks active since warrior ceremony + requirements
Young Warrior -> Warrior; 2 months active since warrior ceremony + requirements
Warrior -> Experienced Warrior; 4 months active since warrior ceremony + requirements
Experienced Warrior -> Senior Warrior; 6 months active since warrior ceremony + requirements

Non-Clan Cats
Default Rogue -> Skilled Rogue; To move up to this rank, you must have fought five Apprentices and two Young Warriors. This can be in the same fight, though it is unlikely that you will succeed in this way.**
Skilled Rogue -> Experienced Rogue; To move up to this rank, you must have fought and defeated three Warriors, yes, you must win. Furthermore, you must engage in battle with two Experienced Warriors.**

The special ranks go about a different route, and cannot go up judged on time. Their requirements and sign-up sheets are posted elsewhere.

If you have any questions, please feel free to pm me or another Admin.

*Clan cats who are exiled from a Clan will keep the HP/SP they had while in the Clan. e.g. a Young Warrior who was exiled would still have the HP and SP of a Young Warrior, even as a Rogue.

(part of this section Copy + Pasted from WCC.)
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