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Roleplaying / Posting Rules Empty Roleplaying / Posting Rules

on Tue May 08, 2018 7:59 pm
Some rules for posting in topics / roleplaying.

1.) Do not post multiple times in one topic. One post is enough to contain whatever you have to say.

2.) Do not spam things. Whether it's you or your cat speaking, you only need to say things once.

3.) Once you start a topic, you must end it as you were when you began it. (ex: A kit becomes an apprentice but must still roleplay as a kit in a topic they started as a kit)
4.) If a topic is too old, (say a month or so) then do not post in it.

5.) Roleplay only as your own cat. You may not roleplay as anyone else's cat no matter the situation.

6.) If someone created a topic, don't make it go outta wack. (ex: a cat is having a sweet chat with his mate and then you barge in being chased by a badger.)

7.) Please try to use proper grammar and spelling. It just makes everything neater.

8.) You may only have up to four characters.

9.) You may not have any prophecies or anything of the sort without an admin's permission.

10.) No godmoding. If you get slapped by a fox as a kit, you cannot be fine.

11.) No mating scenes / anything too graphic. We have younger users on the site after all.
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